We have created two short animation videos covering the topic of "Transitioning from Paediatric Rheumatology to Adult Rheumatology Care."

The first animation covers the basics, what, how, and who, and is a useful introductory guide for parents, carers and teenagers.

The second animation illustrates why it's crucial that adolescents and young people are given the opportunity to learn how to problem solve. We can all gain from having good problem-solving skills as everyone encounters issues on a daily basis; some of these problems are minor and some are more complex.

We have plans to produce two more animations covering topics relating to teenagers and transition within the next twelve months; if you have any feedback on these animations, please let us know, it really helps us to provide what you want and need as we as make our best even better!

For further information on Transitioning, please take a look at our 'Transition: From paediatric to adult rheumatology care' article.

Below are other useful resources about moving from paediatric to adult care: 

The Transition from Children to Adults Hospital: the process from an arthritis suffer (age 20) - by Give rheumatoid arthritis children encouragement (G.R.A.C.E)