Transition from paediatric to adult services

My name is Daisy, I am 17 years old and I am starting the scary transition into adult services! I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 12 years old and have been in paediatric care ever since, however at my next appointment I will be 18 (nearly 19 eek!) so I am at the transition period.

Moving services was a daunting thought at first, I’ve built up a friendship with the staff, and they know me both personally and medically. My consultant has been with me through the ups and downs and the idea of completely starting again in a new unit is scary!

With this thought in the back of my mind, I attended my annual heart check-up appointment, where upon sitting in the waiting room, I completely changed my view on adult care. Waiting alongside me were kids whizzing by on tricycles, climbing on various toys, colouring in and listening to cartoons in the back ground. Although I do love a bit of Disney and would have loved to join in (!), as I sat on my mini child size chair I felt slightly out of place in the brightly coloured room.

I am leaving for university next year and I am nearly an adult so it seems fitting that my medical services should integrate with this too and after a chat with my consultant, where I discussed my fears of having new Doctors to get used to, we found a way for me to continue being his patient but in adult care. It means having to drive a little further and forgetting about vibrantly decorated waiting rooms, but I personally now feel ready for adult care and look forward to this next stage in my life!