Tips and tricks to taking medication

My daughter is 2 and we have a terrible time with getting her to take the anti-sickness medicine (Ondansetron syrup) that she needs after methotrexate injections.

(Source: JIA HealthUnlocked)

We have tried everything and generally have to go in the hard way with a syringe and hold her down and hope to get her to swallow enough for it to have an effect.

To make it more difficult, she is not a kid who is motivated by food/drink at all, she doesn't like chocolate or sweeties, so bribery doesn't work!We have had limited success in the past by hiding her medicine in angel delight and in yoghurt, but this is dependent on her not feeling sick in the first place and wanting to eat! It tends only to work once, and then we have to move on to another trick.

We have played games with the meds in orange juice in a bowl, with mummy and daddy having separate bowls of juice each too and having a game of who can blow bubbles in the juice with the straw (we find that if she starts blowing through a straw, she generally ends up sucking and drinking the juice).

Just lately we've had some success with tea. She likes to copy mum and dad and have a little cup of tea (lots of cold water and milk to dilute it / cool it down). We have found that the Ondansetron is sweet but has a bitter note that makes it taste nasty and because tea is slightly bitter, she doesn't seem to notice the medicine. This depends on whether she fancies a cup of tea though!

Would be grateful to hear anyone else's tricks!

(Source: JIA HealthUnlocked)