Your Stories

  • Eliza's story

    At 10 months old, baby Eliza took her first tentative steps towards my open arms. By 11 months, Eliza had stopped walking, stopped crawling, could no longer pull herself up to standing, barely slept and was constantly upset. A trip to the doctors and she were diagnosed with ‘a cold’ and I was asked “is this your first child?”.

  • The Williams Family

    We are the Williams Family, mum Tamsin, dad John, James (9), Charlotte (6). Onset of JIA for Charlotte began one morning in 2013 when she woke up complaining that her knee was hurting. I didn’t imagine anything was wrong so told her she would feel better when she got going (how I regret those words now!).

  • Bella's story

    At 18 months old, Isabella-May woke up feeling poorly with a high temperature and sickness - nothing overly concerning. By the next day she was limping and still poorly so we took her to the GP who decided she had an ear infection. A week passed and she still wasn't right. She was barely moving and limping when she did.

  • Yes, kids can get it too

    I’m going to be honest, I’m awful at writing about myself. I find it awkward and I’m never sure if I’m too whiny, or if it comes across that I’m trying too hard to be light-hearted and just ends up sounding absolutely miserable as a result. I am a worrier by nature, so I of course panicked when I was told that I had developed a disease.

  • Jazmin's JIA journey

    I cannot recall a time when I did not have JIA. That was because I was diagnosed at 2.

  • Summer's story - a mother's perspective of life with JIA

    Summer was 7 when she first complained of aches and pains in her legs. I put it down to growing pains which I remember having myself as a child.