Your Stories

  • Living with a child with Juvenile Arthritis

    Rowena was diagnosed with JIA at two years old so we have not really got much experience of her not having arthritis.

  • Charlotte's Journey

    Charlotte’s journey began in late 2016 when we noticed she had developed a limp. Initially we thought it was her shoes so went to the shoe shop and got her properly fitted. This didn’t help.

  • Hi, I'm Isabel

    I was diagnosed at 18 months with Polyarticular Arthritis, which means that I can flare in more than 3 places at a time. I have had JIA in most of my joints but the places that I flare the most are my knees and ankles.

  • Our Journey Begins - Imogen's Story

    Imogen was born in May 2015 as the start of our little family. She was and still is such a character with a truly infectious smile and personality. Everyone who meets her is captivated by her individual, happy disposition, she really is one of those unforgettable souls.

  • Growing Pains - Lucien's Story

    When I look at a photograph of my boy just before his 3rd birthday, he’s like a live wire, bursting with energy. That’s the way we see young kids. Yet my kid has what’s called Systemic Onset Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis which is the rarest form of JIA and can have the greatest impact.

  • Tips and tricks to taking medication

    My daughter is 2 and we have a terrible time with getting her to take the anti-sickness medicine (Ondansetron syrup) that she needs after methotrexate injections.

  • Still living with JIA

    25/03/05: Dr Carrie Britton Phd, MSc, Dip COT, SROT - In 1992 we were just getting used to the delights of our new baby Ruth when our other usually playful, giggly daughter, Bethany then aged two, began to change. She slowly lost interest in her toys, her food and even Thomas the Tank Engine. She grew withdrawn and easily upset over the smallest thing. She cried whenever we went out to the park or shops. It had to be more than just reacting to her new sister’s arrival.

  • Taplow Revisited

    Taken from 2 articles written for us by Lynda in 2003 and 2010: Lynda Sisson

  • My Experience of JIA

    My name is Ellie Potter and I am 14 years old. I was diagnosed with JIA in November 2009. Taken from: NRAS magazine, Autumn 2011 Ellie reflects on being diagnosed with JIA in 2009 (aged 12) and how she has lived with it since

  • A Parent's Story

    27/05/04: Michael Viksna- As a family, we had already suffered a devastating blow when our daughter Katie was diagnosed as having diabetes. However, she coped with the changes it meant extremely well, her treatment had started to work and we were all proud of the way she insisted that the illness had to fit into her lifestyle, and not the other way round.