Parents tips on Methotrexate and sickness


Thank fully we have a wonderfully engaged group of parents and carers and some of them recently shared their tips on how to help children overcome their feelings of sickness and nausea relating to their Methotrexate medication.

• Plenty of water and, if possible, have it at night so they can sleep through the nausea. And then in the morning eat dry toast

• Increased folic acid, anti-sickness meds, taking Injection before bed so you sleep most of it off. Doing it on Saturday so they can rest in the Sunday if need be 

• Folic acid helped me at first but after a while it got so bad, they moved me to etanercept (I’m 17). There are lots of options though if it’s causing bad sickness!

• When my grandson was on Methotrexate I made him fresh ginger and honey tea. It seemed to help. Also, you can buy peppermint lollies for kids it also seems to help (from the health food stores)

• Try it on an empty stomach. Change the day of injection so that it is not always the same. Do it on a busy day so that there is distraction afterwards. Ask your rheumatologist to prescribe anti-nausea medication and talk to them in detail about dose regime and when you can repeat dose. If “anticipation nausea” is a problem, it can work better not to take anti sickness meds ahead of time but take them at the same time as the injection. Play around with timings (within doctor's parameters obviously) as it can be very different for each child.

• Ginger biscuits, I drink peppermint tea but this might not suit a young child, I also always have some Polo's in my bag as they really help too

• Mint tea seems to be helping my son

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