My visit to the Department of Education

Published: 2 Mar 2017

On Monday this week I visited officials at the Department of Education in London, together with colleagues from the Health Conditions in School Alliance (HCSA), to share their communication expertise and to discuss possible plans for them to endorse and promote a video the HCSA has produced.

This short film is aimed at school leaders and parents. It restates the need for schools to comply with their statutory duties that apply to children with long term conditions.

We know that many schools are brilliant at supporting children and young people with long term conditions but we also know that a lot of other schools are ignoring their legal obligations of care for this group, and because of this, children and young people are suffering, and their parents/carers are extremely stressed and worried for their futures. Unfortunately, it is impractical to monitor compliance and engagement with this duty in all schools, which is why this video reminder is important.

The Department for Education are not able to endorse the film officially, but will promote and signpost people to it. The officials were extremely impressed with its content and design, and they were clearly struck by the positive messages in the film which reinforce the message that children and young people with long term conditions matter, and with the right support can, and do, achieve on a level with their peers and make a considerable contribution.

As soon as the video is available to share, I will. Watch this space.

Anne Gilbert
Youth and Family Services Manager