JIA and the Health Conditions in School Alliance

Published: 15 Aug 2017

JIA-at-NRAS are working collaboratively with the Health Conditions in School Alliance (HCSA) to keep children with medical conditions safe in school

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The Health Conditions in School Alliance is made up of over 30 organisations, including charities, healthcare professionals and trade unions, who work collaboratively to make sure children with health conditions such as JIA get the care they need in school. Their aim is to raise awareness and alert schools about the need to have a medical conditions policy in line with the statutory guidance, issued by the Department for Education.

Schools in England are required by law to have a medical conditions policy which states how the school will care for any children with medical conditions, the procedures for getting the right care and training in place, and a dedicated member of staff responsible for making sure the policy is carried out.

The policy should recognise that health conditions can be life threatening and that they can also affect how a child learns. The policy should be developed with pupils, parents, school nurses, school staff, governors, the school employer and relevant local health services and should be made publicly available on the school's website.

JIA-at-NRAS is part of the HCSA and is urging all parents to write to their schools to ensure that these measures are in place and that children and young people with JIA are supported in school to fulfil their academic potential and social life in the same manner as their peers. Our ‘Managing JIA in Schools’ booklet goes a long way to supporting this national campaign, however, in the coming weeks you will be seeing a lot more activity on our website and social media platforms, so please do keep an eye out.

The Alliance want to find out if schools in your area are aware of their legal responsibilities. You can make a huge difference in just a few minutes. By visiting the HCSA website, you can find your local school’s website and check if the school has a medical conditions policy readily available. If you can’t find the policy on their website, you can use the Alliance’s template letter to write or email the school (this is also on the HCSA website). You can request their medical conditions policy and let them know about the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance’s resources to help keep children with medical conditions safe in school.


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