Bushcraft Day Feedback and Photos

Published: 15 Aug 2017

We look back on our first ever Bushcraft day that took place in Oxford on 8th August 2017.

Despite the mud and there was a lot of it and the occasional down pour we had an amazing day, who would have thought you could make fire from a piece of cotton wool and blob of Vaseline!

None of the young people had met before and yet they all immediately bonded and got on with it. The whole day all we could hear was laughter and chatter, they didn’t even moan when presented with bits of marinated lamb to skewer and cook! I was joined by 4 members of the paediatric rheumatology team from the Nuffield Hospital in Oxford, Elaine Parsons and Ruth Etherton both specialist nurses and Kate Green a clinical psychologist and Jo Sheehan a physiotherapist and we all enjoyed the day as much as the young people.

Here are some comments:

Katies Parent Bushcraft

Katie Bushcraft

Maceys Parent Bushcraft

Macey Bushcraft

Aaron Bushcraft