How to search on the internet safely

The internet has changed the way we now search for information and much of the time it is a great resource. However, when you first learn that your child has been diagnosed with a long term condition, the chances are you will turn to "Google"; you will have got home from the clinic visit and thought of a million additional questions and there won't be anyone on the end of the phone or email to answer those questions.

Here are some tips so that you don’t get bombarded with out of date, irrelevant information which may also come from another country.

1. Search engines will always prioritise what it thinks is the most relevant to your initial question.

2. Avoid the random eye-catching results e.g. “five things to do if you have JIA”. These are ‘clickbait’ articles that are written to attract attention and draw visitors, and are not necessarily a reliable source of medical information.

3. We have links to other reputable organisations who can help on our website here.