Daily Living and Families

There's lots of information for families and young people who are affected by JIA. Click on the links below to find more resources.

Growing evidence for the importance of a healthy gut in JIA

Information on gut bacteria in healthy children and children with JIA

Does Mindfulness really have to be such hard work?

Written by Lyn O'Donnell - The Mindful Delinquent 

Looking after yourself and why it's important

Tips on how to put yourself first sometimes

What makes a Paediatric Rheumatology Nurse so special?

Written by our Youth and Family Services Manager at JIA-at-NRAS

Teenagers and JIA - Why is it important to talk about safe sex?

Talking about sex and relationships is important. Written by Anne Gilbert, JIA Youth & Services Manager.

Physical activity: what's all the fuss about?

The importance of exercise and JIA

Pain and resistive underwater exercise

Take a look at some underwater exercises your child can do to help with their JIA

Bullying is a frightening experience

Information about bullying and ways you can help 

Keeping the cost of school uniform down

Tips on how to save money on costly school uniform 


Backpack safety for students with JIA

Flaring in JIA

Taken from JIA Explained, 2016

Ways to make water more interesting

By Anne Gilbert (Youth and Family Services Manager)

Diet and JIA 

By Ms Debbie Lewis (Registered Nutritional Therapist)

Last reviewed: 05/11/2015



Articles from other organisations

Helping Kids Fight Fatigue - by Arthritis Foundation (USA)

You,Your Child & Arthritis - by The Arthritis Society (Canada)

When your child has arthritis - by Arthritis Research UK (ARUK)