Cymru Fun Day in Cardiff (March 2016)

The Cardiff Family Fun Day on Saturday March 12th was very busy. Far more families turned up on the day than had registered and at one point we were scrabbling for chairs!

A fun day organised in Cardiff by JIA-at-NRAS for children with JIA, and their families. The event consisted of a Q &...

Posted by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - JIA at NRAS on Wednesday, 16 March 2016


It was a day with two focuses. Parents were there to explore how they could get involved in the work JIA-at-NRAS has been doing with the team at Cardiff Hospital. Working with the local team over a number of years, NRAS has been building and supporting the case for a specialist paediatric rheumatology tertiary centre for the South Wales community.

With the support of parents on the day we are now able to put forward the “patients and families voice” to candidates for the Welsh Assembly. NRAS will be working with these families to get their feelings and wishes heard on the need for a specialist tertiary centre which will support them and other families in the future.

For the children, the focus was on fun and so whilst the grownups talked about the serious needs of the South Wales region, the children and young people were creating Easter eggs, paintings and of course the photo booth with its dressing up box!