As well as our 'Transition: From paediatric to adult rheumatology care' article, here are some useful resources about moving from paediatric to adult care.

Making the leap - Transition (from child care to adult care in rheumatology) - by Arthritis Care

Emily Ross finds out why specialist services for adolescents are needed as moving from the security of the child rheumatology clinic to the unknown world of adult services is a major leap.

Transition to adulthood- a guide for parents - by Cerebra 

This guide aims to help parents of young people with disabilities and/or special educational needs (referred to in this guide as ‘disabled young people’) manage their child’s transition into adulthood so that the social care, education and health needs of their child are met and sustained through this process and into the young person’s adult life.

 It does so by providing:

• An overview of the responsibilities of the various organisations involved in the transition of disabled young people from children’s services to adult services. Focusing on the responsibilities of local authorities and NHS bodies, in England and Wales, in the areas of education, social care, health and housing, it identifies the action that should be taken, by which organisation, and when.

• Checklists for parents to use so that they can ensure that the necessary steps are taken at the right time, in the right way. More detailed information on the responsibilities of NHS bodies and local authorities in relation to education, health, housing and social care is set out in Cerebra’s Transition to Adulthood: A guide for practitioners working with disabled young people and their families.

The Transition from Children to Adults Hospital: the process from an arthritis suffer (age 20) - by Give rheumatoid arthritis children encouragement (G.R.A.C.E)

An arthritis sufferer describes his transition from children to adults’ services.